What’s next for the Council…

1337 Council
3 min readJan 25, 2022
Created by Council Member 1337gotchi

First, just want to say thanks to all the council members for your support. It’s been a pretty wild ride and it’s just the beginning.

Reminder: Starting January 29th, all royalties of sales of 1337 Council Members will be sent to the DAO treasury. For more information on this, please visit our Discord.

So in the short term here’s what council members should expect:

There are three key benefits for Council Members: Personal Projects, Community Treasury and Integrations/Collaborations

Personal Projects

All council members will receive exclusive drops. However I want to try an experiment and do something a little different. After revealing teasers of the upcoming project. I will let the council members decide the quantity and the price. I think this will be interesting to try and here are some benefits that can spin out:

  • Purchase price can be decided and go directly to DAO/Treasury — a way for the Treasury funds to grow
  • Members may want to make it exclusive for members only to increase scarcity and value
  • Members may want to make it a e.g. 4K collection to help provide funding to DAO by opening to public
  • Members can also decide on whitelist allocations

Personal projects may tie to 1337 Council universe but there are going to be projects I simply going to drop because of the vibes I get. Super excited to see how you guys react and decide on the future of certain projects. I think it will be a fun experience for you to get involved!

DAO and Community Treasury

All council members will receive benefits from the DAO as it starts and grows. Personal projects will help grow the treasury and allows members to get involved and vote on.

So far there have been many ideas from earning % of royalties, buying a bluechip and providing giveaways etc.

Future Integrations and Collaborations

Mock of what composability would like in a marketplace setting

Super excited for this one. There is a ton of opportunity for integrations and I will say Treasure seems like an option. Right now I’m going through what the narratives and story will look around their ecosystem. Will be sharing a lot of my ideas shortly on this. (I love the thought of more customizations, new items and evolving traits)

There is also an opportunity where 1337 Council can create a token and allow staking. e.g. I’ve thought about a creation of “padawans” to grow more members

Collaborations and derivatives can also spin out fun experiences for other projects and communities.

Games/P2E are also a big opportunity…

This will a collaborative effort between myself, the council members and the ecosystems that will help make this possible. In the next few weeks I’ll be reaching out to few community leaders to better understand how this can benefit the council.

In summary, council members will receive exclusive drops, value from treasury and the ecosystem that we are growing with integrations. I expect the benefits to grow as we grow!

For now these are the things to expect from the council but things do change rapidly. Right now I’m focused on the next project + integration and collaboration opportunities. Feel free to reach out personally if you have any ideas!

I’m excited for the council members who are on this journey with us. Another update coming next month.