Phase 1

1337 Council
2 min readFeb 6, 2022

Council Members… your services are needed soon.

1337 Council Members will soon be summoned to [classified] missions across the galaxy. In order for Council Members to successfully complete these missions, they will need to be equipped with assets that will assist them on their journey. The Council is preparing a fleet of starships, crew members, and cargo for the journey ahead.

Drops coming for Council holders

Every Council Member will have access to starships, crew members and cargo that will be used for their mission. There will many different designs and traits of spaceships and crew members will be available!

These assets will be available in March with more information coming closer to launch. There will be three separate drops and these will be available only to 1337 Council Member holders and mint will be free of charge (just gas). There will be no public availability or whitelists.

After releasing assets to Council Members, Phase 2 white-paper will be released that will provide details on how all these assets tie in together and how Council Members can earn and get rewarded!

Over the next couple weeks, I will be looking to onboard additional team members and nominating new multisig signers. If any Council Members want to nominate they can also do so and raise any concerns they may have. If you are a dev or designer, feel free to send me a dm :)

February will be a month on building out the details of what is to come. Will provide an update in mid-February with more information and to make sure everything is running on schedule.

Stoked for the vibez ahead!